ISP Blocking of Online Gambling Sites Declared Unlawful in Israeli Court

Published Thursday, April 05, 2012 -

The laws on internet gambling are vague in some countries and the laws regarding the methods used to enforce laws regarding online wagering are also sometimes vague. Were a law is vague there is usually a loophole that lawyers find and exploit as best they know how.

In Israel recently a law that allows police to issue special injunctions that requires internet service providers to restrict access to international online gambling sites was declared unlawful by a Tel Aviv court judge. The action taken by police to curb access to online gambling sites Victor Chandler and Stan James began back in 2010 with very little objection from the Internet Service Providers. In a ruling issued by Judge Michal Rubinstein in response to an appeal by the Israeli Internet Association Rubinstein ruled that blocking access to these sites was a violation of the freedom of speech laws. Rubinstein has ordered the police to pay the Israeli Internet Association a nominal amount for court costs. This ruling comes at a time in Israel’s gambling history when things are being scrutinized with a high power magnifying glass.

The state lottery know as Mifal Hapayis and the Israel Sports Betting Board also called TOTO are currently the only two gambling sites allowed to operate according to the law in Israel. The government took upon itself recently control over the lottery when serious allegations surfaced regarding the failure of the lottery to give a percentage of the winnings to designated charity organizations. Questions were raised over the massive salaries for lottery officials and retail agents. An internal auditor will be installed as well as a committee to oversee all financial dealings subject to sign off by the treasury department. Their license is in jeopardy warns the government. The sports betting monopoly Toto will also be subject to increased scrutiny and was warned they too may face revocation of approvals for expansion should irregularities be revealed.

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