The Kentucky Derby Runs Betting Tops $100 Million

Published Saturday, May 05, 2012 -

The Horse Racing Industry is having more difficult times than ever before. What with governments like that of Ontario Canada which just removed all the slot machines from race tracks and diverted the funds to smaller venues. This act was devastating news to small town breeders of harness racing ponies and those who sought a reasonable purse to pay for expenses. The love of a sport can’t keep hay in the barn.

The Kentucky Derby that runs at Churchill Downs betting has been curtailed in Montana as the associates of off track betting perplexed by a loss of money at its sites, had the Montana Board of Horse Racing suspending all simulcast operations last December. Much to the dismay again of betting shops that only had radio coverage of the 138th Kentucky Derby.

Betting at the iconic Twin Spires at Churchill Downs is expected to exceed $ 100million come race time. Every once in while the fever hits and as many as fifteen million individuals pay attention to the thundering of hooves. The envying of a good mixed drink of American Whiskey or mint juleps is a tradition difficult to pass up on race day. As most predictions go, the spread sheets and facts on the horses is good reading before you plunk your bet down on some nag. Unfortunately the horse racing industry is under attack from all angles most of them being the cost in exchange for return.

The track record for injuries is bad as the New York Times points out. Bad press is also keeping the horse race lover far from trackside. The newspaper estimated there were 3000 horse fatalities across the USA from 09 to 011. The horse racing industry hasn’t got a lot to worry about really it will just revert to what it used to be ‘The King of Sports’ Online wagering would make it spectacular maybe soon.

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