Brazilian Series of Poker 2012 and PokerStars Team Up

Published Thursday, July 05, 2012 -

Brazil is one hot spot and it is destined to get even hotter as the world comes to play poker at the Brazilian Series of Poker 2012 in São Paulo, with the main event running from July 26-31 with satellites now running on PokerStars. From there, the BSOP continues in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and Balneário Camboriú. PokerStars has added the BSOP 2012 to its global tournament calendar.

On the PokerStars official blog David Carrion, director for live operations in Latin America, expressed confidence that the new sponsored event will produce lots of interest in a country that has become a haven for some of the finest poker players in the world. Carrion also said with confidence that through the PokerStars satellites the tournament will result in more players signing up to be part of the action. Carrion explained, “We expect to attract bigger tournament fields by offering more chances to qualify online for free, and therefore increasing participation from many more enthusiasts of the sport.” With the support of the Brazilian Poker Confederation the agreement between Brazilian Series of Poker 2012 and PokerStars stands to see a significant boost for poker in the South American country.

The Chief Executive Officer for the Brazilian Series of Poker, Igor Trafane said that exposure for Brazils Poker players is not the only benefit but also it brings into focus the tremendous opportunity presented by the BSOP for foreign players looking for competition on the tournament circuit. Trafane continued to say, “Now we count on a community of 49 million players in the world,” Trafane added, “Besides the number of participants, we’ll increase the technical level of the circuit, with more Brazilian players and possibly foreign players.” The addition of PokerStars to the mix in Brazil can’t help but produce results in keeping with the company’s global reach.

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