Merge Gaming Network and Online Poker on the Rebound

Published Wednesday, September 05, 2012 -

The Merge Gaming Network is in capable hands at the moment but as a recent report suggests this will see some change in the near future as its CEO of five years exits the position. Anthony Tailor will be stepping down or has decided to resign speculation has it, and there is no official word from the firm to date.

The domain names of two of the Merge Gaming Network’s skins were confiscated by the Department of Justice on Blue Monday which caused a removal of services in the USA in some areas. The loss of Lock Poker was insurmountable for the Merge Gaming Network much to everyone’s dismay there were a lot of poker people that enjoyed the poker room and miss it. It has picked up though slowly and surely and Merge's decision to close down a number of tables in August did some to protect the remaining customer base. Tailor is leaving the helm just in time to see the improved and stripped version flourish again.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission has a great system that is very secure and the 38 or so branded poker rooms are all a little different but all incorporate the same secure services of the Merge Gaming Network.

Players and operators are positive the tough and difficult last few years are behind this well known and prominent network. Merge’s high quality gaming platform can be tailored to fit every need for the operator. The first choice of many who look at the platform’s features and see the benefits and scalability of the Mohawk Internet Technologies design. The software client is a self-updating, self-diagnosing 32 bit windows executable that installs using an industry standard installer. It runs on all version of Microsoft Windows and allows players to connect from anywhere in the world. It uses Adobe Flash for the GUI layer providing a rich, immersive, easy to use graphical experience. It allows operators full control over the look and feel of their product to make modifications easily and quickly.

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