Obama the Winner Paddy Power Online Book Pays Out Early

Published Monday, November 05, 2012 - Online-Casinos.com

The Obama, Romney race is still not over but according to the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power it is as close as over as it gets. The iconic book has no doubt that Obama will make the grade and has decided to pay out its punters early before the election on November 6th 2012. All polling aside the confident Mr. Paddy Power said the Republican challenger Mitt Romney, “gave it a good shot and is doing well in the popular vote, but we suspect he’s had his moment in the sun and is likely to be remembered more for his legendary gaffes than presidential potential.”

The pre payment of wagers on Obama is giving Paddy Power significant press but should the Irish luck not hold up on this one it could very well be an expensive wager at €650,000 to reverse their fortunes if the Republican Romney wins the presidency.

Watching the polls is one thing in this horse race but the American electoral system does have its own way of settling accounts. The USA is broken up into areas that carry more weight than others when election time rolls around. States like Ohio are more important because of the way America is divided into electoral colleges. The popular vote has Romney and Obama nearly equal but as analysts are pointing out this is not the predictor of the outcome. Some predictions are saying that Obama has a major lead in the so called swing states and many believe that to be so.

The William Hill online bookmaker is saying it is still any ones bet with money coming into the fray from every area of the globe. Intrade predicts that President Obama has a 64.1% chance of taking the position for another four years in the White House. Betfair, the betting exchange says Barak Obama has a 77.2% lead over Romney. It may come to pass that Paddy Power has it right but then again the American’s can be unpredictable when choosing a President, November 6th will be a cliff hanger for some but for all those who got paid by Paddy Power they are now winners.

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