iPIN Debit To Use ICT for Cash Online Gambling Transactions

Published Saturday, January 05, 2013 - Online-Casinos.com

Every so often the online gambling world gets a boost from innovators that claim they are making the playing of casinos games and sports betting a little faster or a little easier. Payment processing services have been making steady progress in supplying the punter smooth and accessible fund transfer methods. Pintronic Global Network has announced that they have now formally changed their name to iPIN Debit Inc. and as the new name suggests the business of iPIN Debit is enabling online gamers and gamblers to use the iPIN device attached to their mobile smart phone to send funds to their gaming accounts by the use of their debit card and their bank assigned Personal Identification Number. iPIN is calling this new online methodology ICT (Internet Consumer Terminal) which uses the iPIN and like devices to enable consumers to send funds that are the same as cash to online web merchants.

Canadian based iPIN Debit has plans to utilize the Internet Consumer Terminal to its full advantage with estimates that the ICT industry will capture 25% of the internet marketplace or 500 million consumers over the next 5 years. The ‘cash is king’ slogan is the idea from which the popularity of the ICT technology is based. The use of this terminal will speed the money flow and incure less costs for the consumer and the merchant of online products such as casino play and sports betting. Global Marketing Director for iPIN Debit, Jeff Atwood, confirms that the launch of iPINDebit.co.uk means “easier usability and increased leverage for online gamblers.It means you can send instant online gambling wagers to online casinos and government lotteries through your bank issued debit card and PIN number. iPIN Debit also helps gamers enroll in contests and play venues with the power of cash. We think it’s a real game changer for merchants and consumers alike.”

Rest assured with the use of iPIN Debit no debit card information is retained by the gaming websites.

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