Online Technology Making Horse Racing Fun

Published Sunday, May 05, 2013 -
Online Technology Making Horse Racing Fun

Some web claims are downright lies just as in real life there are things that every person should be aware of and that is security. The only thing keeping a smart person from being scammed is being informed before it happens. The first rule of trust is don’t trust anyone and especially if the thing the sales person is flogging is too good to be true. Street smarts is just as important on the internet where the world comes calling if you let it and sometimes even if you don`t and there are many many things being said and done that are unscrupulous and untrue. The old adage `buyer beware` includes where you spend your hard earned money on the internet so you should read our reviews.

The idea of being informed about tournaments and sports results gives the person who spends money on sports betting a fighting chance in the punters circle. The concept of social media connectivity goes way back when people would gather at the race track and bet on horses or they watched greyhounds speed after a mechanical rabbit and placed their bets. Now with the smart phone apps everyone at either end of the racetrack can be connected via their instant message or watch by other mobile devices.

The time has come where software rules the gambling world in ways we never thought of before. A firm in the USA where betting on the horse via phone has been legal in many jurisdictions for a long time has become a vibrant part of the new wave of horse racing fans.

January saw the launch of Derby Jackpot, a social media-injected online horse race betting site. The site has already garnered some 10,000 users with the average user making five deposits of new money into their betting pot within the first month. What makes this great for the racing industry is the fact that half of Derby Jackpot’s subscribers have never been to a horse race before.

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