American Tribes Want Online Gambling Rights

Published Wednesday, June 05, 2013 -
American Tribes Want Online Gambling Rights

The United States has been struggling with the legalization of online gambling and now as Tribal communities voice their rights to the gambling market the issue become even more complicated.

California looks like it’s shaping up to be the battle ground for the right to offer online gambling. Chief William Bills of the Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada has stepped up to the plate to voice his opinion on the situation in California. The Chief is asking all the Tribes of California to strengthen their Sovereignty and voice their objection to the online gambling bill as it is proposed by California Senator Rod Wright.

Chief William Bills has commented, "I believe Senator Wright is doing his best to bring forth the legalization of online gaming to the State of California however his approach is off the mark from where the vast majority of Tribes stand on this issue. I have been traveling across the nation meeting with Tribal leaders who are moving towards e-Commerce tied to their economic development strategy and Online Gambling plays significantly in those plans as a starting point to Cyberspace.”

The surrendering of Tribal rights to self government will happen should this bill be approved. It is imperative that Tribal leaders get together and opposed this bill. The fear is this bill opens the door to major casinos having total control over online gambling in America.

Chief William Bills sent a message to Senator Wright explaining the position the Tribes find themselves in, “Senator I am not from your State however the Tribes span many States in America and our concerns are tied to blood lines that cross all borders not only State lines they include the border north to Canada and south to Mexico. I would welcome an opportunity to have an open discussion with you about your intent with this bill and understand how it will benefit the Tribes.”

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