Online Gambling Regulations Emerging Area for Research

Published Friday, July 05, 2013 -
Online Gambling Regulations Emerging Area for Research

Online gambling regulation is an emerging area of policy research and academic study, encompassing legal, regulatory, social welfare and health topics. The industry that supplies information for these studies is formidable and sustained by the ever changing environments of governments and regulatory jurisdictions.

Europe is in the lead when it comes to regulating the newest gambling trend, internet betting. In order for politicians who are creating policies regarding the rules of engagement to fully understand internet wagering they must read and absorb numerous research papers and documented comparisons. Academics are also sought out for their insight into the effects of online gambling on the population in general.

Research has pointed to features that could possibly lead to problem betting on the internet such as accessibility and convenience, comfortable surroundings, solitary play, anonymity and the increasing immersive interfaces being created by developers. The ease of payments electronically also makes online gambling risky for some. While research usually focuses on the problematic aspects of the industry it rarely gives us the other side of the coin. People enjoy gambling online and for reasons mentioned they can develop issues but there are also many who have a responsible good time playing cards or dice or a slot machine.

Knowledge is the best defence against problem gambling and regulated online betting provides the safety net for the player who runs into trouble. The upside of the online gambling industry especially in Europe is the employment it provides in small nations where a clean high tech industry such as internet betting is welcomed. University studies are good for the academics and researchers again providing employment and resulting reports for political policy makers and social workers.

The advertizing and financial sectors can also benefit from the internet wagering business. Online gambling is a global event that will do nothing but grow and grow in use and popularity.

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