Online Gambling Market Trends and Competition

Published Friday, July 05, 2013 -
Online Gambling Market Trends and Competition

Spectrum Gaming Group, is an independent research and professional services company that predicts trends. Recently it was revealed that almost fifty percent of the predicted trends were mobile and internet related.

As America ramps up its efforts to re introduce online gambling the use of mobile devices leads the market trend. As competition and use heats up there will be a greater need for software that deals with security issues and age and location determination. The online space will require servers and those that can service and program these facilities.

The demand for reliable and secure internet gambling service providers is sure to grow especially in America. Similar to the European jurisdictions there is an enormous variation in jurisdictional climates from state to state.

The individual states will eventually deal with online sweepstakes and so called internet cafes regarding them as competition for the government gambling revenues. Lotteries are a huge source of revenue for governments and as they come online the corporations that run the lotteries will inevitably seek privatization and consultants.

As the use of social online gambling for real money becomes more frequent in Europe and in North America regulatory bodies will be busy coping with this burgeoning trend. Social online betting could very well be the biggest thing to hit online betting and regulatory platforms are sure to follow well behind the activity.

It may be odd to think that online casinos will seek land based casino properties to purchase or to partner with in order to comply with licensing requirements such as those in France where online gambling operators must have terrestrial partners.

PokerStars is making moves in the emerging New Jersey USA jurisdiction to obtain a foothold in the legal internet wagering market there. The massive job of amending Tribal agreements to include a provision for online gambling will take lots of time and money to conclude.

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