Denmark Front Runner in Online Gambling Liberalization

Published Thursday, November 05, 2009 -

MECN and law firm Horten Group have joined forces to develop a new report that delivers full and comprehensive analysis of the opportunities available in the Danish online gambling market.

The consulting and research firm MECN and the Horten team say in the report that Denmark is a front runner in both Scandinavia and the European Union. They have suggested that Denmark is making the country a liberal one in response to the growing need for legalization of internet gambling activities they say will easy pressure from the European Commission. Denmark goes as far as to say it is the government's intention to open the doors to other wagering operations such as land based casinos in Denmark.

The report from the cooperative group also suggests that Denmark may be seen as a proving ground for other countries in Scandinavia and the E.U. that are considering altering their monopoly based and protectionist policies regarding online gambling. Interestingly other nations within the EU are looking at the Danish policies as a model for the implementation of taxation and levies for the independent operators and how the government will respond to the social impact of online gambling on their citizens.

It was pointed out in the extensive report that those online gaming operations looking at participation in the new liberal approach offered in Denmark will gain valuable experience and receive a reputation for being compliant and solid. The ability to partner with more than one country in the region could also be of great benefit to those companies working within Denmark.

The process and total content of the new draft legislation in Denmark is analysed in depth with specific detail being given to the market in all it's sectors including the lottery, internet gambling, slot machines, and casino games. Market analysis is provided in the research form 2008 numbers including legal regulatory requirements and tax specs.



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