Gambling Affiliate Union Arbitration Service Formed

Published Thursday, November 05, 2009 -

The Gambling Affiliate Union (GAU), came into existence recently with the announcement that the organization has 100 affiliates already as members. Organisers of this Union have a goal to expand that number ten times in the next six months and to five thousand within a year.

Affiliate marketers are in a very competitive and tough world. Online gambling is a constantly changing industry that only strong and informed affiliates can survive in. Research and web site updates are time consuming and difficult but are required work in order for a business to stay ahead of the trends and to remain current. Affiliate programs are also a source of problems for affiliate accounts as arguments and disputes emerge regarding performance based rates of pay. There are problems with conditions and terms of agreements that are altered without negotiation after agreed upon contracts are signed. There have been many disputes over delays of payments to affiliates that groups like the Gambling Affiliate Union suggests may require legal action to resolve.

The initiatives for the formation of the Gambling Affiliate Union are spearheaded by Paul White, a UK-based online poker affiliate, and Paula Bliss, an affiliate promoting online casinos based in Northern America. Mr. White said, “I get extremely annoyed at times about how affiliates are treated and how they get walked over by some affiliate programmes. That is really the principle behind this: to make sure that affiliates get a fair deal from affiliate programmes. United, we have a stronger voice.” adding, “We’re not here to police affiliates and make demands that nobody works with certain programmes, because that would be counter-productive by making it hard to talk to the affiliate programmes. But we are willing to take legal action to protect members if absolutely necessary," GAU is intended as an arbitration service and is willing to take legal action against affiliate programs that repeatedly fail to pay affiliates or decline to negotiate.













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