Jersey Possible New Jurisdiction for Gaming industry

Published Saturday, December 05, 2009 -

'This Is Jersey' reported recently that the States has approved the concept of a Gambling Commission. This under the provision that the lawmakers are given more information on the subject. With this decision, Jersey, the incredible island off the French coast may well become one of many other self governed Channel islands to enter into the online gambling industry. Proposed e-gaming legislation next year is sparking serious debate in the parliament. The new liberalization of the gambling rules will enable the people of Jersey to have access to internet wagering web sites. Guernsey, Alderney, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar are all well established as places that host and encourage proper regulated online gaming operations. This new industry of websites running the various services for online poker or sports betting are providing jobs for local residents as well as taxes to maintain their economies.

Alan Maclean, Economic Development Minister of Jersey has been the primary mover behind getting the parliament on-side in this issue. His efforts were approved in principle back in 2005 by the States. Slow progress in the small jurisdiction of Jersey, the initial move taken so long ago is finally paying off as the members have approved the first step towards an internet gambling industry when they backed the proposal by Minister Maclean to set up the Jersey Gambling Commission to license and regulate the gambling industry. Online gambling jurisdictions that are this close to Europe are sure to bloom as regulations for operators are set in place throughout the E.U. Unfortunately for Jersey they have been missing out on the boom in the internet gaming industry for the last decade or so. It is never to late and for Jersey their slow pace may have just picked up a beat or two. Maclean commented on how the new Gambling Commission could serve the public by maintaining responsibility and could ensure information and advice be available.




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