European Commission Changes Has Online Gambling Buzzing

Published Saturday, December 05, 2009 -

The former French foreign minister and recently agriculture minister, Michel Barnier who at fifty seven has been named the European commissioner for internal markets to be instated in 2010.

He succeeds the no nonsense Irish executive Charlie McCreevy, who when it came to enforcing EU principles of the free movement of goods and services, was able to get governments to comply and allow online gambling operations within their borders. This was a concept fiercely opposed by state monopolies protecting lucrative businesses.

The commitment to European Treaty fundamentals was one that Mr.McCreevy was known for and he was merited by his principles.

European Commission president, José Manuel Barroso was responsible for the executive changes within the European Commission this change was one of six key appointments.

Apparently the UK is not that thrilled with the changes in the European Commission. Along with other key economic posts, Michel Barnier's appointment to this portfolio caused minor diplomatic riffs between France and the UK when the French president Nicholas Sarkozy remarked in a decidedly undiplomatic manner that the British were the losers in the new appointments. This did not sit well with officials in London.

Barroso went on the defensive immediately, at a press conference in Brussels he said, “In such a process there is always going to be a dialogue, requests and suggestions that are made,” “I spoke with many of the commissioners-designate and prime ministers, but the decision is mine.” He concluded with the new appointments are a “sound mix of talent, gender and political orientation,” Those studying European Policy suggest that the five or six big countries have divided up the important portfolios amongst themselves.

The commissioners-designate will face hearings in the European Parliament starting on January 11, 2010. If they are considered worthy they will begin work on their portfolios in February of next year. The hearings could see other interesting political arguments, already as a consolation to the UK the appointment of senior official Jonathan Faull was made as Barnier's director-general.


















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