Research Reveals American's Still Gambling Online

Published Friday, March 05, 2010 -

Will people stop gambling online even if measures to make the practice illegal are enforced in the country they live in, the answer is definitely no. Recent studies in America where the effort to ban online gambling has failed in more ways than one show that playing in casinos on the web is still an active form of entertainment for many gambling people in that country.

The Mintel research organisation found that 12 percent of adult respondents to their survey had visited a gambling site in the past 12 months despite laws and enforcement actions forbidding financial institutions from doing business with online operators. Research revealed that men are more likely to play poker and that they visited online gambling venues five time more often than women. Certain movies and cultural influences have glamorised gambling in Las Vegas. This has not however led to an increase in the interest Americans have with terrestrial casinos shown by the slow but steady decline in attendance in casinos on the ground. Online activity is picking up the slack with a slow but steady increase in internet use. Billy Hulkower, who is a senior analyst at the Mintel organisation, confirmed, “This shift has been gradual, which suggests that this is not a result of the recession. Casinos may be losing audience to the increasingly compelling entertainment offerings in the home; such as HDTV, high-end video game systems and the Internet, including internet gambling.” People can visit many casinos right from home on the net, and risk little time and money checking out the new games and venues available. The demographic age of between 25-34 were the most likely to visit a land based casino in the past year, that's 56 percent of the respondents. Most had planned the trip well in advance and had a definite budget to work with. It was suggested that the young people who were mostly male were not as affected by the tough economic times facing many in America today.

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