PokerStars Acquires Three Poker Info Sites

Published Wednesday, May 05, 2010 -

The online marketing strategy of one of the largest poker rooms on the internet, Poker Stars is seeing a move forward with the acquisition of three poker related portals. The popular pokerpages announced it would remove it's product from the market last year after management ran into problems financing the operation. To further it's information directories available to the customer PokerStars has also taken over the day to day activities of the bio directory and The addition of these content driven web sites adds a new and useful dimension to the PokerStars portfolio. launched it's web presence in early 2000 and was at one time a leading online poker portal offering extensive poker room reviews and poker strategy articles. As with many other portals of it's kind revenues were generated through advertisements for real money poker offerings. The highly competitive nature of the online gambling industry forced poker pages to stop producing updates late last year. PokerStars has acquired the domain because it contains a large data base that PokerStars will use to attract more customers to it's site. The other two sites are interesting too for their unique points of view. for example was founded by Shirley Rosario in 2003 and is considered to be the first website to provide in depth profiles of the world's most successful professional poker players. Strategy for obscure poker games such as Omaha, Razz and Badugi were also featured in the Poker-Babes web content. Created by Steve Badger, the “Winner’s Guide to Online Poker” the playwinningpoker site debuted in 2000 offering a strategic guide for online poker with tournament analysis, blinds play, poker bankroll management and other good advice for live and online poker players. The acquisition of information portals for PokerStars represents an opportunity for the mega poker room to keep it's finger on the poker pulse while giving the consumer more tools to play a more satisfying and rewarding game.














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