FIFA World Cup Fever Affecting Millions of Fans

Published Saturday, June 05, 2010 -

There have been few events in the history of sports that have garnered this much media attention. The FIFA World cup of Soccer is about to commence in Johannesburg, South Africa with huge money placed both on the media contracts and various teams at gambling outlets all over the planet.

With 32 nations competing for the solid gold trophy this is an event like no other. With all the big names present such as Brazil, Argentina, Germany and England, every country in the competition is pulling for their team. The finals will include all previous winners of the tournament.

Brazil, a five-time winner are considered perennial challengers in all the tournaments. They play in Group G along with Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea who caused one of the greatest upsets in the history of the World Cup back in 1966 when they beat Italy 1-0. This is considered the toughest group to be saddled with in the tournament.

Italy, the current holder of the championship position and four-time winners start in a comparatively easier Group F which includes Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand.

The 1998 winner, France, is possibly fortunate to be in the tournament after their controversial play-off win. The French team is head of Group A along with hosts of the World Cup, South Africa, Mexico and first time winners Uruguay.

Group B lead by two time winners Argentina, includes Nigeria, South Korea and Greece. Argentina must improve on their qualifying form to stand a chance of adding to their 1978 and 1986 victories.

Qualifying form wasn’t a problem for 1966 winners England who will lead Group C against Algeria, Slovenia and the USA in a serious line up of confident teams.

Group D favourites, Germany who took the cup in 1974 and 1990, will play their best to try and beat Ghana, Australia and Serbia.

European Champions Spain and the overall favourites to take the cup this year head Group H, which includes Honduras, Chile and Switzerland.

Group E is lead by the Netherlands, with Denmark, Cameroon, and Japan all taking their best shot at the championship. Online gambling outlets are giving odds on the outcomes and are ready to take your bets.

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