Report Says Argentina's Online Gambling Has Huge Potential

Published Friday, August 06, 2010 -

Knowing where the online gambling market will open up next can be worth it's weight in gold for the entrepreneurs of the gaming industry. Various companies are specialists in finding out that information and making it available to businesses wishing to expand into previously unknown jurisdictions. Senior legal and tax analysts pour over the regulatory information in order for them to get an understanding of the sometimes very complex issues involved in offering an online gambling presence within a country's borders.
GamblingCompliance for example is an expert source for impartial and independent gambling news and analysis from a global perspective. Once a business subscribes  access is granted to a fully searchable web-based tool with access to regulatory, financial and market news and analysis by region, sector and gaming type.
Recently a comprehensive insight into the online gambling industry in Argentina was presented as a white paper providing the entrepreneur information to determine what the legal implications and opportunities are in operating in this jurisdiction.
the report is based on exclusive interviews and primary research from leading industry sources in Argentina.
Senior analyst for GamblingCompliance Francois Peglau has made every effort to make this document as concise and comprehensive as possible.
GamblingCompliance's founder, David Morgan, said, "This white paper report is a product of extensive first hand research by our in-house Latin American legal expert, Francois, who has been able to deliver a thorough and unique insight into online gambling in Argentina."
Argentina's local population exceeds 40 million people and a passion for soccer and the second-biggest Spanish speaking gambling market in Latin America, which is only surpassed by Mexico. Online gambling remains in  a grey area within Argentina‚Äôs present legal framework due mostly to it's decentralised legal system and the lack of federal regulation to deal with so called illegal offshore gambling.


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