US Senate Needs To Move Forward on Internet Gambling Bill

Published Monday, December 06, 2010 -

The situation surrounding the legalization and regulation of online gambling in the USA has come down to getting the issue on the agenda in the Senate. The most important thing for politicians to do is to make a concerted effort to agree that internet gambling has not gone away and they should make laws to keep American players safe and secure.
There is precious little time left in the so called lame duck session of Congress for the leaders of the Nation on both sides of the fence to come together and make compromises so that something can be accomplished over the next two years.
Republicans will have a majority in the House of Representatives but will still need the support of the Democrats on a number of important issues to make the changes they want.

The Republicans and the far right Tea Party are working hard to get back into power when the general election rolls around in the next two years. Compromising on the online gambling issue may show the skeptical American public that they still stand for freedom of choice and less government interference with those choices.
Senator Harry Reid who came out in favour of online gambling regulations recently was also elected as the House leader in the US Senate and as along time senator from Nevada  brings a wealth of experience to the bargaining table. He was appointed Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, back in 1977 where for five years he made headlines with his legendary and unrelenting fight to clean up Nevada's gaming industry. It is with the same conviction that Senator Reid will bring rules and regulations to the online gambling industry in the States. Reid will be in control in the Senate by next year, and the Republicans could have a great ally while trying to push their agenda in the coming years. It is seen as a distinct advantage that should they compromise on the internet wagering bill proposed although there will certainly be some pay back required later on by the Democrats.


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