Standard 'Responsible Remote Gambling Measures' to Be Published

Published Sunday, February 06, 2011 -

The need for standards is evident in many industries, and that need is most obvious in the online gambling business. Customers need to feel confident that their information is safe and their money is in good hands.

The European Gaming and Betting Association is an organization that is attempting to ensure a level of trust and security that is standardized throughout the betting world. They are there to ensure a higher level of consumer protection and guarantee that operators behave in a proper manner.  The association represents most of the major online gambling firms in Europe. It is focused on the prevention of underage gambling, customer privacy and security of banking and personal information.  The EGBA ensures ethical marketing, and maintains a vigilant eye open for fraudulent and criminal behaviour.

The European Committee for Standardisation is responsible for the publication of the new measures that represents a list of attributes considered as best practice for companies offering online gambling offerings. Formally recognized by the European Union, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) is only one of three within the European jurisdiction.
The "Responsible Remote Gambling Measures" initiative had more than six hundred contributors from twenty five fully registered participants that are creating the measures that ensure the firms are complying with the self enforced codes of conduct.
The final draft has been approved by members of the European Gaming and Betting Association and the participants in the survey and is now ready to be published very soon.
John Ketchell, Innovation Director at CEN, commented on the progress of the report,  "This may only be a first step, in the sense that the CEN community will be ready to consider additional activities when the stakeholders are ready and willing, for example to work towards the creation of a full European Standard in due time,"



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