USA Internet Betting Laws New Bi-Partisan Approach

Published Sunday, March 06, 2011 -

Caution should always be taken when estimating the length of time it takes to change a law in the USA or for that matter in many parts of the world. Online betting has created a definite problem for the lawmakers of America. It is a series of small issues that creates this big problem. Lawmakers are afraid of the internet because it crosses international borders and is entrenched in our way of life, it is the way we communicate globally.

Speculating when and if the USA will make changes and bring legal and regulated online gambling to America is a most difficult task. A recent article in the Poker News there seems to be hope again for the legalization of online poker in the States.
Democrat Representative Barney Frank is planning to once again submit a bill to legalize and regulate online gambling this April, this time with the help of a Republican ally Representative John Campbell. The new proposal also has the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, giving it a much greater chance of success. At the end of the last Congressional session, Reid attempted to move online poker regulations onto a number of bills that were expected to pass at the end of the year; however, his efforts were unsuccessful however.

The politics of the issue are changing constantly with the Republican’s seemingly realizing that it would be within the Republican mandate to give the American people the freedom of choice and to protect them from unscrupulous foreign based operators while doing it. This bill is being promoted as a good thing which includes a way of gaining revenue for government coffers.
Should any sort of online gambling legislation pass in the USA it would save a lot of trouble for all the law makers looking to create state run regulated online betting. State officials such as the Governor of New Jersey seem reluctant to pass online wagering laws for fear their popularity may be tarnished.


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