American People Polled Legal Internet Wagering Wanted

Published Sunday, March 06, 2011 -

When the people of a nation are polled are the results accurate or is it a useless exercise designed to confuse issues. A recent poll conducted by the respected Wall Street Journal in the USA asked the question, should online gambling be legal in the USA?

The overwhelming answer from 77.1 percent of respondents was yes, and 22.9 percent were against legalization. This poll must say something about the state of the union with the cross section of Americans feeling that the past time is acceptable. The Wall Street Journal preamble for the poll said,  "Lawmakers in some states are pushing for bills that aim to steer around federal laws prohibiting Internet wagering. Since gambling itself is not illegal, should the next step be to legalize gambling websites?"

Rick Geiger a person who responded to the poll in writing said, "Gambling exists, web gambling exists, even in the US where the perception is that it is illegal, to the tune of over $6 billion now. The internet is an international platform and the idea that online gambling will exist all over the world but not in the US is childish and foolish. Online gambling should be openly legalized and regulated and taxed just like any other business. All we achieve by continuing the prohibition is to send money and jobs outside of the US. Geiger continued to explain, "We have done studies showing the value within five years is over $21billion. People play games online by the millions and there is a confluence of online gaming and online gambling and online ecommerce. Burying ours heads in the sand will not stop technology or human nature."

Some other comments on the Wall Street Journal website mentioned a fear that online casinos would undermine the land based casinos industry in America. Strange that the benefits for New Jersey and Atlantic City were obvious yet the Governor vetoed the proposed legislation.


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