Gambling Gang Brings Groupon Approach to Online Betting

Published Wednesday, July 06, 2011 -

What will they think of next when it comes to marketing online gambling to the public, well it could be that coupon vouchers for gaming are coming to a casino near you. The latest rage for retailers has been the Groupon phenomenon now group purchasing is making waves in the electronic gaming industry with the launch of Starlight Networks LLC has launched the first ever group buying service dedicated solely to the igaming industry.

This deal making site follows the same template as other coupon offering businesses. A novel idea for gambling patrons, The founder commented, “Groupon and other group discount networks have proven that the group buying model works,” Adding, “I’m amazed that no one else is doing it for online casino and poker players and online sports bettors – but here we are, getting online gamblers great deals!”
The idea is great for gamblers looking to save a bit of money. One such deal on the GambleGang website which as with all these deals is dependant on a certain number of participants to make them viable is the Red Flush Casino offering of a Special Group Bonus Signup. The signing up as a member of the Gamble Gang site is quick and simple and it gets the ball rolling should you want to take advantage of the coupon bonus deals offered. In this case it means that any player signing up for a Special Group Discount Bonus through “the Gang” receives a special 200% match deposit bonus on their initial deposit doubling the normal 100% bonus.

The world wide web can supply gamblers with a variety of ‘deals’ and now with the Gamble Gang organization better deals are even more available with the buying power of a larger group.
The group service has expanded from a successful gaming affiliate network. Gamble Gang uses its strengths in marketing and developed relationships with casinos, poker and sports betting operators to bring online gamblers better deals.




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