Paddy Power's Online Betting Marketing Man Goes to Australia

Published Wednesday, July 06, 2011 -

When the going gets tough the tough get going is a method that a firm like Paddy Power has adoted more than once.
Barni Evans, who is the lead marketer at Paddy Power, is going to the land Down Under soon to take over as Marketing Director at Paddy Power's two Australian operations, Sportsbet and International All Sports. Evans is no stranger to the world of marketing and is responsible for a few of Paddy Power’s advertizing campaigns that have hit the jackpot. During a 10-year stint with Ireland’s iconic bookie Paddy Power, Evans was credited with many of the company’s signature campaigns, including the blind footballers kicking cats television advertizement and the controversial and attention getting 270-foot Hollywood-style sign erected in full view of Celtic Manor, the site of 2010’s Ryder Cup in Wales.

The Advertising Standards Authority in the U.K. was not sufficiently impressed by the number of complaints they received during the kicking of the cats advertizing campaign to pull the tongue and cheeky spot from the air waves. The big sign however was eventually removed with the help of a court injunction acquired by a very distraught town council.

A priority for Evans will be to stay the negative press in Australia surrounding Sportsbet. Sportsbet has been getting serious flack after the press revealed that the firm gave $80K credit to an unnamed problem gambler who swiftly lost the entire amount in less than a week. The patron was sued for the losses and quickly filed for bankruptcy. The Northern Territory in Australia does not have rules to stop credit being granted so there was nothing legally untoward in the actions of Sportsbet.
The issue at hand regarding the extension of credit to problem gamblers in the Northern Territory is before a committee who are endeavoring to close the ‘loophole’ and make operators online and offline tow the moral high ground.  Evans will have his work cut out for him come September



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