Online Slots and Poker Depend On True Random Number Generators

Published Saturday, August 06, 2011 -

In the online gambling world the idea of a random number generator seem very remote to most players of pure chance games, but in fact a random Number Generator is the cornerstone of the process. Online gambling operators all over the world employ RNGs to operate card shufflers slot machines and a lot of personal security situations such as pin numbers for identification.

These number generators are usually certified by security firms who provide the service. The question is sometimes asked “is the number truly random or is there a way to figure out the pattern or algorithm?”
The answer is usually 'no' because the process is securely packed in a bundle of encrypted mathematical decisions that would be impossible to figure out. The weak link however in even the strongest of algorithms is the need for a starting number, a seed, something so random as to make it impossible for hackers to figure out. Once the seed is known, the outcome of the algorithm can be predicted.

There was a time when a pure seed number was a passion of computer program developers that they went to great lengths to generate them. As an example a website called, uses the white noise emitted by cheap radios to generate thousands of random numbers per second. Lava lamps have been used as random number generators as have Kyrpton-85 atoms monitored by Geiger counters.
Paco Hope, manager of Cigital Inc.'s gaming services division had a few words to say about the reliability and security of random number generators used by online poker sites. He described the old days when online poker sites were easy targets for hackers who looked for easy money. Mr. Hope said the security technology has kept abreast of the hackers but they find it a constant battle to maintain the walls.
Good, well established, reputable online casinos have the very best in security, so rest assured your spin at the slots or your shuffle of the deck remains random.




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