Entraction Thinking of It's Online Gambling Future

Published Tuesday, September 06, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

Canada, Israel, Russia, Norway and Turkey are the countries that Entraction the online gambling service provider has decided to ban from play. International Game Technology purchased Entraction a short time ago which seems to have changed the perspective of the firm somewhat.
The Swedish firm Entraction was boasting that the advent of the U.S. Department of Justice crack down in April meant the company had a better chance of entering the market there. Entraction president and Chief Executive Officer Peter Astrom stated, back in May that Black Friday had strengthened “Entraction’s opportunities for success when the US market opens.” The reasoning behind the exclusion of these five nations seems obvious when one examines the situation with IGT and its positioning to be part of a new US online gambling market. 
In order for Entraction to look good while online gambling operators are under intense investigation in the USA and elsewhere the choices made for most of the banned countries is political and prudent.
Russia is sending out the message that gambling operators need not apply. Russia has been tightening its control over online gambling and maybe Entraction  doesn’t want to risk getting involved.
Norway is considering blocking ISP that offer online gambling and has already implemented measures such as those in the States that restrict money transfers that deal with online gambling.
The Turkish government has outlawed online gambling operators and restricts its activities to the State run monopoly. 
Israel has publicly called the industry the “scourge of online gambling” during a recent critique of Israel’s public services.
Canada is the only country that doesn’t seem to fit into the mold. There are a maybe a few obscure reasons Canada is included in the list of banned countries but nothing stands out as politically incorrect other than the fact the nation is attached to the USA.
Good reasons are not always evident for business decisions but in this case the need to think of the future for IGT may be reason enough.


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