How to Go Online and Play While in America

Published Saturday, November 05, 2011 -

Even now, in the face of the ongoing attempts by politicians to prevent American fans of online gaming to play poker or gamble online, there are some options worth reviewing. To be clear, it is not online gambling that is illegal for Americans. Nor is it illegal for them to send or receive money from internet casinos, bingo or poker. Rather it is illegal for financial and banking institutions to receive or pay out any money from any businesses associated with online gambling.

So how can Americans gamble online? Since it is accepted to use a credit card to make a transaction then in an arms length manner, so-to-speak, an American gambler can make a deposit to an online account. Some reputable online gambling sites which are licensed and regulated by their respected countries of origin do accept a Visa credit card. One must first try it to see however.

After registering their account, then a gambler may find that not only can they deposit to that account but they may even have their winnings transferred back to their credit card. Small business accounts work better as opposed to large businesses like TD Visa. In 2009, some TD Canada Trust customers received a notice at the bottom of their statement that Visa no longer can be used for online poker. American Express and Master Card are not as forthcoming moreover at either way of the transactions yet.

 Both Western Union transfers and AMEX Moneygram will transmit your money if you provide identification and keep the amount below a reasonable amount, for example under $1,000 per day. Of course you can always send a check via the post office. After a time, be patient, the money will be deposited to your new online account.


Remember, especially if you win big, that almost all online casinos will pay you your winnings by check and mail it out to you. This way, you can gamble once again without fear of breaking the law.

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