Internet Addiction the Next Big Social Problem Says Study

Published Sunday, November 06, 2011 -

Laurie Tamblyn, an addictions counsellor in special programs at Toronto Canada’s  Bellwood Health Services, says there are many types of Internet addiction, including gambling, gaming, pornography and social networking. There are other that some can’t image surely not just the usual suspects.

The internet, the report from the Toronto Sun newspaper says, “We’re just beginning to treat this. It is a big problem and it is going to become bigger before people start recognizing that they need to do something about it,” Internet addiction can be difficult to diagnose, says Dr. Greg Dubord, who teaches in the psychiatry department at the University of Toronto.

A British study surveyed more than 1,000 people in Britain and found quitting the Internet is as hard for some as quitting drinking or smoking. Gambling was not mentioned in the survey. “The amount of time people spend lost in their behaviours is comparable to a drinker spending time at the bar instead of with his family or friends,” Tamblyn continued. “The addiction becomes the focus of the addict’s life. The focus is to interact with the addiction before anything else. If this doesn’t happen, it results in mood swings and irritability.”
Internet addiction is dangerous they are starting to say. Some people crave knowledge and must consult the Google oracle a lot of times per day. Does that mean being addicted to knowledge is a bad thing? Drawing the line between normal Internet use and Internet addiction is often difficult, because no set criteria for diagnosing the disorder have been established by the American Psychiatric Association.
One study documents 396 negative effects of the web on social involvement, including significant family problems, Dubord says.“Reports have shown that excessive use of the Internet resulted in personal and family problems, with 53% of test-takers reporting severe relationship problems,”
We are all subject to addictions so be careful out there.




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