Research Results Confirm Asian Online Gambling Market Expanding Rapidly

Published Friday, January 06, 2012 -

Online gambling entrepreneurs such as Calvin Ayre have been predicting that the next big market for online gambling to expand is not really in America but in Asia. The Asian jurisdiction is one that is huge in comparison but much harder to enter.

Proof that this is the emerging market for the next while is in the research done by respected international group PriceWaterhouseCooper. The latest review of the online gambling scene has resulted in PriceWaterhouseCooper’s Global Gaming Outlook report which emphasizes that the Asian market is growing fast and there is no sign of that growth abating.
The region will expand the report suggests on several different levels. Revenues from gaming in the Asian jurisdiction are expected by all standards to continue to grow from the $34.4 billion currently being experienced to an estimated $79.3 billion in 2015. These figures have resulted in political calls for a review of current laws in many countries to accommodate the surge in popularity of the activity.

Gaming analyst Jonathan Galaviz, commented on the need for change, “There is a strong argument that, since consumers will engage in illegal online gaming anyway, it is better to license and tax it than to allow the revenues to go to unlicensed operators” Galaviz continued, “It’s probably an appropriate time for governments to, at the minimum, seriously research the issue and get up to speed on the topic for thoughtful policy discussions,”
Galaviz explained further, “tremendous growth in online gaming, especially in poker. Singapore, is an example of a country which is outlawed online gambling and has seen the popular past time surge by 49.7% in 2010. So it is suggested by detractors of the legalization of online gambling that “legalizing online gambling will likely cause a significant social impact.”  “Once you allow online gambling, you are indirectly encouraging more people to flock there.” Commented, Mr.Felix Ling, who is a casino consultant and senior partner at Platform Asia Management Services.





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