Republican Presidential Hopefuls Say No to Online Gambling in Nevada

Published Monday, February 06, 2012 -

As the online gambling world holds its breath while waiting for changing in the USA the political scene is shaping up in America to be another ”your either with us or against us scenario.” There are many reports these days about the race for the Republican nomination for the person who will run against President Obama.

Mitt Romney is getting loads of press as being the guy who will have the honour of confronting the Democrat Obama. He is considered the front runner and just went through another trial by fire in Nevada. He has stated and so have most of the other candidates that he is against online gambling because of the social costs. Politically correct, after all you wouldn’t want to cause any strife for the land based casinos in lovely Las Vegas let alone cause social issues just put your head in the sand and pretend there are no issues for now.
Candidate Libertarian Ron Paul remains the industry’s most valuable player although his gaining the nomination looks like a long shot.

The Poker Players Alliance Executive Vice President of Player Relations Rich Muny, commented on what Mr. Romney was quoted as saying, “I believe Romney has it wrong here. Licensing and regulation will ensure that age verification measures are implemented, consumer protections are provided, and protections for those with excessive gaming habits are mandated. Current law does not provide any protections for anyone.”
 This statement by Romney and fellow candidates Republican runners Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich seem to stem from misinformation says the Chief of the PPA John Pappas. If this is true then the Gentlemen wanting to run America just possibly aren’t very in touch, with reality. Every other jurisdiction that has regulated the online gambling industry understands the fundamental benefit is the protection regulation provides.


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