Online Poker Deal With Bodog88 Strengthens Asian Offering

Published Wednesday, June 06, 2012 -

Everyone knows where Bodog is headed and it is not America. The brand has plans to make Asia its next conquest and has begun in earnest to do just that. Bodog’s Poker Network will be taking on new digs as the Asian wing Bodog88 signs a deal to become its systems provider. The software and the holdings of the Bodog Poker Network will be owned by Bodog88 with the interesting new approach called the recreational model up and running for a year now.

Bodog Poker Network’s Chief Executive Officer Patrik Selin who put together the arrangement commented, “It is obvious that the best fit for the Network is a company that understands the power of the brand – especially in a growth area such as Asia. I also know Bodog88’s Managing Director Robert Gustafsson well and he understands the importance of the recreational poker model which, again, is particularly strong for Asia, where trust is a much more important factor than concepts like rakeback that hold no meaning in the region.” Selin added, “I will stand down as CEO of the Network to allow Robert and his team in Manila to carry on the progress made by the recreational poker model. From a personal perspective it also makes sense to withdraw from the brand as a whole and therefore I’ll be looking to pass on the reigns of the BodogUK business over the coming months.”

The Asian market is pulling ahead of all others in terms of growth and potential, so this arrangement will benefit Bodog88 greatly. Managing Director of Bodog88 Robert Gustafsson, continued, “What Patrik has done for the Bodog brand, and I would argue poker as a whole, since he started the Bodog Poker Network has been phenomenal. His pedigree in the industry has grown further since he unveiled the recreational poker model and the fact that many companies have now adopted a similar focus highlights its success. We wish him well for the future in the knowledge that wherever and whatever he puts his mind to will be a huge success.”

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