Big Win For Canadian Online Sports Betting Punter

Published Saturday, October 06, 2012 -

The referee call on the N F L Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers game that resulted in a huge upset for punters and bookies was a bonus for one lucky Canadian player who scored big on the decision. After spending only five dollars on a OLG Proline sports betting ticket punter Gino DiFelice won an incredible $725,274.

There weren’t many people betting on the Seattle Seahawks to win but this win tops all the bad news stories where many punters lost their shirts and bookies claimed foul. Most casinos, betting websites, and bookies, had the Green Bay Packers as 3.5-point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks the casinos in particular cleaned up as around seventy percent of the money spent on the game stayed with the casinos instead of being paid out to Green Bay Packer backers. “I still can’t believe it,”DiFelice said earlier this week, the QMI press agency of Canada reported, “It’s funny when you think of it. It’s unbelievable.” "After Sunday, I had a feeling it was going to win,"

DiFelice said. "I actually looked up the directions to the OLG and read all of the disclaimers that night. I knew if Green Bay won I would still win something." "I watched the last 1:48 and that's about it," the lucky man said. "I couldn't watch the rest of the game. I had the ticket sealed in an envelope and nobody knew until after the game until I told them.” DiFelice continued, "When the play was under review I couldn't believe what was happening. When the call was made, I went nuts. I ripped open the envelope to show them. They couldn't believe it." "We were up until 5 a.m., constantly hitting refresh on the computer," he stated, "It was a long five hours. When we found out how much it was worth, I couldn't believe it. I checked the ticket 10 times just to make sure."

DiFelice concluded, "I'm a low-key guy and wanted to lay low," That will be hard to do with that much cash in the bank.

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