Mobile Gambling Trend Taking More Market Share in U.K.

Published Saturday, October 06, 2012 -

It is well known that mobile communications are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s fast changing era. The development of broadband technology around the planet and the smart phones that utilize the capabilities is growing by leaps and bounds. The use of smart phones for everything from paying your power bill to playing games while traveling has made the smart phone available in a variety of platforms a must have for the up and coming professional, tradesperson, student or homemaker.

Online betting firms are making huge progress in offering the public equipped with a smart phone games and wagering that’s easy to access, secure and fun to experience. This is a trend that is here to stay as more technology creates a user friendly environment that is alluring and rewarding. Having a smart phone gives one the ability to be informed about the various odds online as well the latest statistics on teams and players and according to a new report from Juniper Research the proposed value of mobile gambling could reach $100 billion by 2017.

With social gaming coming to the internet, as well as the increased availability of lottery and casino games mobile gambling will take a more prominent position in the marketplace. Smart phone ownership represents almost half of all mobile devises in the United Kingdom and the casinos offering everything from blackjack to bingo are expanding daily. The new HTML5 format coupled with 4G delivery will revolutionize the experience for smart phone users by upgrading the graphics, security and speed.

The demographics of the U.K. is young and very much involved with technology, and as the gaming offering is developed further on social websites like Facebook the size of the mobile online gambling market will grow in spades. It is possible that the $100 billion dollar estimate for mobile gambling in 2017 may indeed be correct but then again something new could come along in five years and change everything. Betting on the future of technology is a risky one in today’s ever changing cyber environment.

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