Online Poker Room Full Tilt Dealing Again

Published Tuesday, November 06, 2012 -

The US Presidential election has most of the world’s media focus this November 6th so the media attention of the Full Tilt Poker room re-launch is on the back burner for many. This is good news for poker fans who see the reincarnation of the iconic online poker room as a very positive step forward for the game and players.

The media will be on the newly refitted PokerStars twin Full Tilt scrutinizing its every move from now until the public is satisfied by the customer service offered by what is considered the best in the online poker business. The buzz that the defamed poker room has garnered since PokerStars took the helm last October solidifying its grip on online poker by obtaining a license to operate by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. The officials commented, “The Gambling Supervision Commission is confident that Full Tilt Poker will safeguard the interests of its players and adhere to the strict policies and procedures governing Isle of Man licensed gaming companies.”

The company that owns both PokerStars and now Full Tilt Poker Rational Group is pleased with this moment it is in many ways a milestone in a long protracted and complicated deal. PokerStars and the US Department of Justice came to an agreement which saw PokerStars pay the Justice Department a $731 million fine to quash the indictments levied on April 15, 2011. This sum did not include the approximate $184 million owed to former players outside of America. That repayment to players from everywhere but the USA will get the ball rolling nicely for the well liked Full Tilt Poker room. The buzz is indeed overshadowed by the close US election and on that front, if Romney gets the nod online gambling and poker may be dealt with harshly by the Republicans. Obama on the other hand likes a friendly game of poker once in a while.

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