Denmark Extends Online Gambling Licenses

Published Sunday, January 06, 2013 -

The people of Denmark are considered some of the happiest on the planet. The country has laws that keep them that way and their recent liberalization of online gambling is no exception. Denmark has become a noted leader in online gambling regulation and when it comes to creating a system that everyone can live with theirs is a model to be regarded and copied.

The new regulations and licensing regime came into effect in 2012 and now in 2013 the Danish Gambling Authority has extended the licenses of 25 operators, five being local and 20 being offshore operators for a period of five years. Additionally nine other firms were granted a limited license arrangement that gives the operators a maximum limit for revenue generation set at 1 million krone or about $175,000.

Denmark is not a push over when it comes to the unlicensed sites that attempt to do business in Denmark.In 2012 the Danish Gambling Authority blocked the non compliant gambling operators from offering their services. The head of the DGA’s legal division, Tina Olsen, commented that number was at around 20 websites.“The fact that 20 illegal websites have been blocked in 2012 illustrates that the DGA performs its obligation to monitor the Danish gambling market in order to protect both consumers and the legal operators on the market,” The high tax rate is common in European jurisdictions which brings the Danish market into perspective. Licensed operators in that part of the world must have patience and deep pockets to offer services there. Denmark has limiting restrictions that could cause some difficulty for smaller firms.

The larger more aggressive companies will rise to the challenge and glean a decent profit from the gamblers in Denmark. Online sports betting is handled separately, and for now, no licenses will be given for online bingo games in Denmark. Poker operators are able to run their online poker rooms with international liquidity, providing a much more positive player experience.

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