TrustScore Adds Safety to Online Gambling Web Sites

Published Saturday, April 06, 2013 -

The online gambling industry has been growing in leaps and bounds and the best of the best keep looking for innovations that helps keep them offering safe secure gaming ahead of the trends. Enhancing the experience Iovation, a USA located company focuses on online security, by developing the TrustScore service. This system helps online companies identify online visitors and check their trustworthiness. Online gambling firms are set to utilize this system to manage potential risk and offer the consumer a better gambling time. Explaining the Trustcore service is simple as it basically analyzes the visitors activity to the web location. It checks real-time and compares it to previous online behavior. Approval from the customer is required before the analysis is done. Information regarding online activity is garnered without any intrusion into a player’s personal data such as bank data or real names.

Information is used to improve services to the customer and target bonus offers specifically tailored to the player. Vice President of Product for Iovation Scott Olson commented on the TrustScore service, Knowing who’s good can be as valuable as knowing who’s risky for online businesses, Olson continued to explain, “We are leveraging the eight years of data built on helping customers fight online fraud, and we are applying sophisticated analytics to use that data to determine who’s good. Many online retailers review up to 10 percent of online transactions, of which the vast majority are ultimately approved. Enabling our customers to bypass reviews by recognizing good customers can dramatically impact their operations and the efficiency of their fraud team.”

This system can save a lot of time and money for both the operator and the player. Available for both mobile devises and desk top equipment the number of machines analyzed has reached over 1.2 billion, with more than 9 billion transactions for geolocating and safety searches. This system diminishes banking fraud and cyber criminal activity at its core.

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