Online Gambling Social Gaming Lines Become Blurred

Published Monday, May 06, 2013 -
Online Gambling Social Gaming Lines Become Blurred

The coming of social gaming on the internet has brought with it the rolling out of social media presentations of games converted for real money action. This is a situation where social media has crossed the line between for fun gaming with a social aspect to online gambling for profit and loss.

At the recent Social Gaming Summit being presented in San Francisco discussion evolved about the disruption of the online gambling industry and the potential for increased regulation of social games that may happen as a result.

Betable has the ambition to disrupt real-money online gambling by enabling more businesses to enter the market by converting mobile games so they can accept real-money bets. Social casino game makers can take their existing products and integrate the Betable applications programming interface which converts them into real-money gambling games. Betable’s backend infrastructure handles tasks such as regulatory compliance, identification of the player and the player location verifications, security and funds handling.

Jill Schneiderman, Vice President of games for Social Gaming Network , said that her company’s partnership with Betable enables the company to focus on making games and then pass on the set up for gambling regulations to Betable. Schneiderman commented, “We’re experts in making fun and engaging social games,” adding, “We’re leveraging their backend and their expertise in this world to be able to enter it with traditional types of casino games, but we’re also exploring a hybrid of skill games and casino games.”

Jez San, the CEO of real-money online gambling firm PKR, also said, “I think that Betable and companies like that are a real threat. What it effectively enables any gaming company to do is to take their existing social game and make it playable for real money. The problem is that those existing social games weren’t designed to be played for real money. They’re not designed around fairness. All the mechanics that real-money games go through – the auditing and the verification and everything else – are all missing from the development side of those social games.”

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