Online Gambling Changing Image of Wagering Women

Published Sunday, October 06, 2013 -
Online Gambling Changing Image of Wagering Women

The Cardsharps, circa 1594, by Italian artist Caravaggio is a great example of women depicted playing cards. The role and evolution of women in the world of gambling is an interesting subject to explore mainly because the internet has changed betting but not the image people have of gamblers.

As another example of the women that made a significant contribution to the history of gambling in America is Poker Alice almost certainly the most famous woman gambler of the Wild West, but Eleanor Dumont was probably the most infamous. Better known to history by her nickname Madame Mustache, Eleanor achieved her fame as a result of being a renowned card cheat. Such was her talent for deception that Eleanor Dumont wasn't even her real name; she was originally a French citizen named Simone Jules.

Her story is not a pretty one but when she was young and beautiful people could not think that this pure looking lady could be cheating them. Her looks and wealth lasted only for so long but her fame continues to haunt the old casinos from the gold rush.

Women today have an opportunity to present the real side of themselves it is a world today full of personalities and styles. Online gambling has given women a equal chance to sit at the tables and play a fair game or two. The convenience of mobile gambling has given everyone a time slot where a quick game of poker or bingo or a few slots can be had.

There are still many stereotypical impressions being made by operators who capitalize on or at times exploit the fact that men will be men and women will be women. The great thing about the internet is that gender neutral parts can be found everywhere including internet betting sites. Making headway in a sea of different choices can be difficult at times but at the same time it can be fun.

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