Californian Online Poker Will Come Eventually

Published Wednesday, November 06, 2013 -
Californian Online Poker Will Come Eventually

California is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those who look at the win win situation. California has a massive population of over 38 million with the largest land mass in the continental USA which gives poker players a certain amount of liquidity.

With Nevada not far away many Californians travel to Vegas for the gambling fix while others prior to 2006 were playing online at various offshore web sites. Online gambling has been in discussions around the lawmakers table for some time now without any firm resolve to change. Most of the concerns over internet betting have come from the Tribal gambling industry who would like to see the option go away.

The Tribal argument is clear they don’t like the competition. According to the Commissioner of the Gambling Control Commission of the state, Richard Schuetz, online poker may be the only option to pursue in the future. In a recent interview with Online Poker Report Schuetz contended that there would be no need for California to partner with other states to be a viable internet destination for online poker.

Schuetz said in the interview, “This game is about numbers. If the numbers aren’t there, all the wishing and hoping is not going to make it work. In some regards, it’s like a state saying, ‘We want to be an oil producer. Well, you better have oil. For a small state to try and develop a game that involves big numbers is a problem. So California is in a unique situation with its 38 million-plus people.”

It is possible that California, and a few other major American States will enter the online gambling fray in the next few years but with some restrictions applied. The time has passed for now but the California legislature will meet again in the new year and things are likely to change then.

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