Czech Republic Online Gambling Operators Want Changes

Published Saturday, February 06, 2010 -

The Czech republic is one of the most progressive countries in Europe with laws that are current and fair. One exception seems to be the laws regarding gambling. While 2009 was a record year for online gambling sites in the Republic owners of the web sites were not particularly happy with the results. They claim the outcome should have been much better blaming the second rate returns on outdated gambling laws and a less than respectable execution of the existing regulations. It was suggested that offshore online gambling sites were taking away players at the expense of the Czech operations. Unfair taxation is the most discussed issue among local firms, with licensed legal operators having to comply with a higher than normal tax regime within the Czech regulatory framework. This makes competing with offshore operators nearly impossible for the local online gambling industry. Lubomír Ježek spokesperson for Tipsport the Czech Republic's most profitable betting agency commented, "It is an incredible situation," adding, "We have to pay all the fees and taxes on one hand, and, on the other, we have to compete with bookmakers who do not have any such obligations to pay taxes here."

Larger advertising budgets from offshore companies offering online gambling in all forms have been targeting the Czech player with success making for a hostile and frustrated environment in the Republic. Local operators have been voicing their frustrations to government officials asking for changes and getting nowhere fast.

Jakub Haas a spokesperson for the Czech Finance Ministry said, "A new gaming bill has been on the table for a number of years, but with no success," adding, "The new bill attempts to create common principles for all the types of gambling, so online gambling would not be otherwise disadvantaged." Licensed online gambling firms in the Czech Republic have to pay a premium thirty percent tax over and above other taxes as well as having to contribute to social programs for the public good.








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