Isle of Man Internet Gambling Business Growing Stronger

Published Saturday, March 06, 2010 -

The Isle of Man is leading the way in proving that having an online gambling industry located in your territory improves the economy. Last year 2009 was a growth year for the Isle of Man's e gaming industry marked by a significant increase in the revenues gained through taxation of the operations licensed by the jurisdiction.

The Manx eGaming Association, has published results of a survey which revealed employment within the remote gaming sector grew by 18 percent in 2009. This astounding rise in available jobs is expected to make another twenty percent leap again in 2010. Taxes being remitted to the government doubled to 11.2 million GBP in 2009 and are expected almost double again in 2010.
The Manx eGaming Association, which is a group of Isle of Man located online gaming firms, has made the survey available to the press to point out significant benefits that the online gambling industry has brought to the islands' people and way of life. Spending by members of the group climbed by 35 percent last year and next year by a possible 26 percent. The members of the Manx Association actually expected even more employment growth but were not surprised by the higher tax revenues and increased industry spending. A weak economy and certain changes in the hiring policies of some members of the MeGA lead to the less than stellar employment increases. Optimism is strong in the industry located on the Isle of Man with the group forecasting a larger boost in employment for the 2010 year. The yearly report by the MeGA is intended to not only show the government that online gambling is profitable but also sustainable even through a turndown in the economy. Having jobs has made life better for the jurisdiction and for the welfare of the people. Much needed taxes are contributing to many aspects of everyday living in an environment that is struggling for survival. Since 2006 the organization has not only promoted it's worth but has given the industry valuable insight into the needs and future developments available to the online gambling industry on the Isle of Man.

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