Nova Scotia Canada Invests in Responsible Gambling Technology

Published Saturday, March 06, 2010 -

Techlink Entertainment, is headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and is a company that specializes in developing and commercializing responsible gaming technologies for the international gaming industry. This responsible gaming solution provides the player with tools and the right information required to play responsibly. The provincial government of Nova Scotia, Canada, has been on the hot seat for it's bold move to offer online gambling to it's residents along with Lotto Quebec and the provincial government of British Columbia. To alleviate the critical often negative press reports and calls from opposition groups to make it safe for the vulnerable gambling public officials from the Nova Scotia government are suggesting there are proven technologies that will address the debate over the social impact of online gambling.

GamePlan from Techlink Entertainment is just the ticket to control and make visible the progress of the gamblers games. GamePlan, took ten years to develop and has undergone a two year intensive testing process on the ground, then reviewed by three independent research firms for effectiveness and reliability. GamePlan is a card-based technology that uses a small plug-and-play machine called the Responsible Gaming Device. Gameplan gives the player information they can use to make informed and responsible decisions when gambling. TechLink Entertainment calls this the “player’s reality check,” providing instant access to all their gaming activities especially valuable is the amount the player has lost or won. It’s unique features include an account summary, self-limitation, self-exclusion, and play limits. Chief Executive Officer and founder of TechLink Entertainment, John Xidos said, "We are just now starting to sell our responsible gaming product lines. The first 10 years were all about developing innovative gaming products that would be able to create new market categories or be creative, and resourceful, additions to existing market categories." Xidos added that the company raised, "...well over $25 million without using venture capital money," "The funds we have raised have come primarily come from Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia. This is groundbreaking in and of itself from a financing perspective." Nova Scotia is definitely banking they will come out winners in the publicity war regarding the responsibility issue with this type of investment.

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