Nevada Gaming Control Board Member Says Internet Gambling 'Illegal'

Published Sunday, June 06, 2010 -

According to a report published in the Las Vegas Review Journal casinos licensees are being warned to steer clear of internet gambling operations that offer play to US residents.
The Nevada Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre wrote a letter posted on the agency's website, that suggested to a gaming attorney that his advice to clients to keep their distance from certain about web based casino operators was, "sound from both a state and federal perspective."
Technically, it is illegal for gambling websites, which are incorporated and based offshore to accept wagers from Americans.
The letter considered the blurred and often confusing issue of the twin sites established by many online gambling operators. The distinction between .com and .net websites is obvious but sometimes not interpreted properly. The .com sites accept real money wagers whereas the .net site does not allow real betting and serves as an introductory and tutoring location for potential gamblers. Sayre wrote, Internet gaming companies that accept wagers from Americans and enter into business relationships with Nevada's non restricted gaming licensees are "inconsistent with the Nevada Gaming Control Act and regulations promulgated pursuant to that Act."
Sayre said current business relationships are being explored by the regulatory agency.
"Those activities that require board review and approval are being looked at more closely so that determinations can be made as to whether business relationships between Nevada licensees and Internet-based companies violate state and federal law/regulations,"
Sayre was determined to point out that online gambling is 'illegal' in the USA mentioning the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act.
"The lack of federal criminal prosecutions under (the act) should not be interpreted by the gaming industry as a lack of interest by state and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies on this issue,"
Two poker events in Las Vegas recently were sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. net and Poker Stars .net both online gambling companies that are registered outside of America caused the Nevada Gaming Control Board to investigate. Gaming regulators are reviewing the suitability of Gibraltar based online gaming company 888, which is providing software for Harrah's Entertainment to online gamblers in the U.K.

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