Zeus Technology To Manage PKR Online Poker Traffic

Published Wednesday, July 07, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

PKR is a new concept in online poker with real-time 3D graphics. PKR brings an unparalleled level of realism to the internet poker experience. Alderney-licensed online poker site PKR.com has announced it will apply Zeus Technology, to manage and prioritize its web traffic. The agreement will ensure that the management of PKR. com’s steady growth will not affect the user experience, and customers will continue to receive  the best service during peak periods. PKR.com will apply the Zeus Traffic Manager to help ensure its online gaming community remains  online and does not encounter unexpected outages. A stable online environment is ensured for the gambling community to download and research product developments and interact with the site's forum areas. The technology will also ensure that customers have a streamlined experience when making deposits or withdrawals.
PKR. com's CTO, Jeremy Longley, stated, "Customers are increasingly interacting with our platform, spending more time and money on our site. While this is great for business, it also means that our community expects a reliable online experience with no outages during games or transactions. Our huge growth rate resulted in 1.61 billion hits on PKR.com in March alone, so it is critical that we have the robust and scalable technology Zeus offers to manage this huge volume of web traffic. We are confident with Zeus’ enterprise-level software in place, that we have a reliable, 100% available online presence, providing an excellent user experience."
CEO, of Zeus Technology, Paul Brennan, said, "With the online gambling market rapidly becoming more and more popular, it’s often technology that helps companies, such as PKR.com, keep pace with demand and adapt quickly to business and customer requirements. Any downtime or slow service will significantly damage brand reputation and customer loyalty. By incorporating a sophisticated web traffic management solution, PKR.com can now ensure their growing online community will have fast, reliable and secure access 24/7."
Implementing a Zeus solution allows organizations to visualize and manipulate the flow of traffic to their web-enabled applications. Zeus software can be deployed on industry standard hardware with a unique position to assist internet service infrastructure.

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