Zynga Faces Stiff Competition in Mobile Poker Market

Published Sunday, November 07, 2010 - Online-Casinos.com

Social networking has lead the way in international multi player games and none looks more promising than the new poker applications that are being produced today.
Software developer Zygna announced recently that their incredibly popular online poker game will soon be available for the Android platform smart phones.

Zynga’s already developed Texas Holdem Poker game available on Facebook supports almost 6 million users every day. This fact makes it the biggest free play poker game on the internet
The game has already been successfully established for the Apple iPhone called Zynga Live, but the upcoming Android Zynga poker game will be a first for the developer.
Even though there are numerous and grand restrictions in the way of legal poker for real money games many analysts believe that Zynga will become a play for cash some time in the future. The fact that Zynga is connected with the huge Facebook network could mean that if the obstacles are overcome the profits could be enormous.

This is definitely a race with stiff competition from other mobile device application developers. More and more smaller companies are offering online poker for mobile with some success. Developers have already put real money in the hands of players through iPhone casinos and other Android platform casinos. Online blackjack, slots, and roulette have been producing real money winners for a long time. It has been relatively slow to catch on but it is indeed becoming more and more popular. When there is a chance to play for cash most real time gamblers choose to do so. Developments are also being seen with mobile casino games becoming available on Apple’s very popular iPad tablet. Gambling online and on the move is the way of the future so Zynga will have it’s work cut out for them when they finally do offer real money Texas Holdem Poker.



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