Christmas Turkey and A Little Online Gambling Trend

Published Tuesday, December 07, 2010 -

We have an entertainment based society that has so many choices these days that its hard to outdo the last gadget or device that just gave you hours of enjoyment. But as the inventors keep on inventing and the designers keep on designing and the artists keep on keeping it all interesting we will keep buying the latest. Big screen TV’s are common everywhere there’s room and most have a computer port now and that’s an instant casino and excitement at home.
A recent report suggested that during the holidays in almost every part of the world, after the kids have gone to bed and the same old Christmas reruns are over the casinos screen is started and online gambling begins. It is thought to be a old fashioned thing to do around New Years to gamble a little and take a chance at the auspicious time.

The UK-based online casino had a similar event take place at this time last year when their online traffic peaked on Christmas day. This year they are introducing a for cash online blackjack application so are expecting even more prominent surge.

Local television broadcasters have made their vacation plans and are giving the public the details of repeats that will include a record 860 hours over the holiday season.
Ed Ware, chief executive officer of 32Red plc, commented, “We've seen a surge in mobile activity generally and during last year's holiday period this peaked on Christmas Day,” Ware added, “We'd wondered if there would be a drop in the number of players while people tucked into their turkeys and gathered round the TV with family but the opposite happened.”
Mr.Ware went on to say, “We can only think people are getting fed up with watching TV reruns and choose to play our mobile casino instead. I guess the chance of winning a hand of blackjack, or even our Mega Moolah mobile slot with its £1million jackpot is more appealing than seeing Dell Boy again!”




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