Canadian Alex Wice Nets $440,000 at European Poker Tour

Published Monday, February 07, 2011 -

According to a report in the Toronto Star newspaper recently there was another young poker star from Canada that took home some serious money at the European Poker Tour main event. did an article on the other Canadian poker professional Quebecer Jonathan Duhamel who took the EPT high roller event for €203,232 recently and now a new player has emerged as a big winner.

Toronto resident Alex Wice was asked how he felt when return home from France. "I'm not disappointed, but I'm not excited either. Like I said, it's just another day," he responded. He came in third in the high stakes European Poker Tour netting a cool $440,000 in prize money. Wice knows how to play more than just style of poker, and it’s definitely no limit Texas hold'em where he focuses his efforts.
This young player is a consummate professional at the age of twenty two the same age coincidentally as Jonathan Duhamel. He began playing back when he was in grade two and would ask his brothers to let him play. He played with friends online during his high school years and later at University he invested more time practicing his game. Then he won the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up tournament, which came with a $135,000 prize. He took a break from the game for six months after that and when he returned to the game he had decided to become a full-time professional poker player.

Wice commented on his win, "A lot of people don't really see poker as a game that is close in skill level to chess...It's actually a really difficult mathematical strategy game," adding, "They just view it as a vector for gambling." The young man said his style is rather mathematical and computer like. "In the past year or so I spent a lot of time on the computer trying to develop strategies," he continued.
Alex is humble and relaxed with an attitude that is more about playing poker that winning a lot of money. A rising star that we hope to see more of.




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