Blackjack the Most Popular Gambling Game in Finland

Published Monday, March 07, 2011 -

Offline and internet gambling in Finland is monopolized by three companies: RAY, Fintoto and Veikkaus. Each group focuses on one facet of online gambling. RAY operates slots and casino games; Veikkaus provides general sports betting services; and Fintoto offers betting on horse races. The government gaming monopoly has reported recently that 82% of Finland’s casino card tables are devoted exclusively to Blackjack.
The latest findings from research on gambling around the world indicate that Finland is officially the blackjack leader making blackjack the most popular forms of gambling entertainment in the country.

In an effort to understand the changes in gambling world wide the statistics indicate that constant changes in technology and availability have created a more competitive environment for operators of land based as well as online casinos and other wagering options. The government of Finland’s state run gambling monopoly decided in 2010 to employ the Playtech firm’s casino software for its online gambling offering putting some land based casinos into a more difficult situation than they were already experiencing. Blackjack maintains it’s strength as the most popular game played in Finland at the expense of other notable classic table games such as roulette, baccarat, and craps.

Matti Hokkanen, Gaming Communications Manager, commented on the review, noting that the state gambling monopoly had closed 28% of the country’s roulette tables during a period of several years but had not withdrawn a single blackjack table. Another study suggests as many as 90% of all Finns have gambled, that 41% gamble every week, and that the average Finn spends 13 Euros per week gambling. Most forms of online gambling are legal in Finland and have been offered since 1996.
The EU has put tremendous pressure on Finland to break open its gambling monopolies, and to allow other companies to offer gambling in Finland, both online and offline. The Finnish government has put up resistance insisting that all gambling in Finland is not-for-profit, the EU disagrees with Finland’s approach but as yet has not resolved the issue.



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