Washington D.C. Online Gambling Law Exposed

Published Tuesday, June 07, 2011 - Online-Casinos.com

The longest battle in American history must be the battle to legalize online gambling. It seems like such a paradox in a country where the idea of playing poker and other gambling activities such as horse racing and sports betting are part of the national identity but the government is bending over back wards to prohibit it.

Another case in point for the USA’s attempt to create a legal area to play poker online is the recently established and the first jurisdiction in the states to allow it, Washington’s District of Columbia. According to the Washington Post article recently published the establishment of the legal area for online gambling is sham and was as they suggest a tainted deal. This is not very good news for the politicians who made the whole thing possible.

In New Jersey a similar event took place where the majority of politicians wanted to see Atlantic City become the hub for legal and regulated online gambling but the Governor vetoed the proposal because, again it is speculated, he did not want to jeopardize his chance as a possible Presidential candidate.
Independent councilor Michael A. Brown who got the ball rolling is on the hot seat for alleged conflicts of interest when drafting and getting the bill in Washington’s capital district passed. While the cards do seem stacked with regards to the situation Brown was in when the proposal was passed it looks suspiciously like when the Republican Bush government first implemented the prohibition on internet betting shredding international companies and relations plus violating World Trade Organization rules.

The internet is here to stay and it would make big sense if the American government starts to notice that the opportunity to regulate online gambling for Americans means added safety for everyone. The firms would be held accountable if they want to operate on US soil.

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