Government of Finland To Strengthen Online Gambling Monopoly

Published Thursday, July 07, 2011 -

Finland has been running its three state gambling monopolies without many hindrances for a long time now. Recently the country’s new coalition government decided that they would put their foot down on foreign gambling operators in order to help preserve the status quo for the state run gambling business.

Although the government's intentions were not totally revealed the Finnish monopoly provider RAY is going to benefit from the actions in a significant way. The government spokesperson did comment however, “The current monopoly system for gambling will be strengthened by restricting gambling abroad.” 

Kari Hyttinen, RAY’s Internet Gaming Director, told Gambling Compliance, “We still have a monopoly and hopefully we’ll have it in the future, so I hope ISP and financial transaction blocking can help strengthen us.”
Matti Metsola, a legal professional for the gambling industry said, “If you restrict the marketing of online gambling companies, most people usually don’t really care. But if they start blocking the Internet or payment solutions, there’s always the potential for a backlash.” There are online gambling firms that are taking the battle to the courts over the restrictive measures taken by other European countries.

Other online betting operators are saying the hassle to operate legally is not worth the effort and have abandoned certain jurisdictions that are too restricting and highly taxed. Other software firms are finding the market difficult but somewhat profitable in the long run. Players have found ways to have fun at sites that are more competitive and offer better odds and more entertainment for the dollars spent.
The virtual fencing off of the competition has meant a decrease in the number of new player sign ups at the government organized online gambling sites operated by RAY, which is proof that patrons are looking for something different and are not necessarily loyal to Finland’s state run games.


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